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Julia Monaco Photograph, ideal photographer, Catholic photographer, flexible, creative, artistic, natural photographer, authentic and fun, backyard wedding

"Julia was the ideal photographer for our wedding. Our wedding plans changed a few times, due to the pandemic, and she approached each change with flexibility and grace. My husband and I wanted the photos to be authentic and fun, and Julia (and Sam) delivered that and more. We were so comfortable with her behind the camera, everything was so natural and perfect. She also helped keep us on schedule and made sure that everyone was where they needed to be, which was a huge help. In fact, my family loved her so much that she was the photographer for my sister's wedding a few months later! Now when I look at the photos, they really captured our day perfectly. They feel so personal to us. From the smallest details to the most epic photos, Julia is the most thoughtful and talented person you could want for any of your photography needs. Plus, she is just a lot of fun!"

- Meghan & Will

Outdoor, natural engagement photography, Catholic wedding photographer, Massachusetts engagement photographer, Old North Bridge engagement session, Julia Monaco photography

"Julia is amazing to work with! I got engaged in the fall and realized I really wanted to capture the New England foliage for my pictures. I came across her pictures and loved her style immediately.  Since my fiance and I don’t take many pictures professionally, I was nervous the photos would come out too “staged.” Even though Julia gave us some minor adjustments to perfect the shot, it never felt forced. Julia gave us prompts to help us feel relaxed and to bring out our natural smiles that ended up making for some beautiful shots. As soon as we wrapped up the shoot and got in the car, my fiancé turned to me and asked, “So are you going to reach out and see if Julia’s available for the wedding as well?” I would 1000% recommend Julia to anyone who’s looking to capture those natural, warm moments between couples, families, or friends. She has a gift in photographing everything you asked for (plus a little more you didn’t expect!)"

- Alex & Anjali

"Julia took photos of my proposal last week and I had an absolutely great experience. On the day of, Julia got to my location early, scouted it out and let me know exactly where I should propose to get the best photos. The photos she sent us were incredible - both candids and posed. I have gotten many compliments from friends and family on the quality of the photos and my fiancé and I couldn’t be happier with Julia’s work!"


- A&O

"We can’t say enough about Julia, her passion for photography & her responsiveness to my many questions. As soon as we met Julia, we felt like posting for photos was a normal part of our day!"

- J&R

"Working with Julia has been an absolute joy! From the second we connected to the day of the wedding, she was extremely responsive. My friends and family appreciated her professionalism and we look forward to working with her again. After seeing a few sneak peek photos, I will definitely continue working with Julia!"


- C&S

WOW Julia was excellent! I will rebook her for any future photography needs I have and I highly recommend her to anyone else! … My 2 sisters and I all graduated college (masters or bachelors) in 2020 during COVID-19 so I wanted to have a 3 person photo-shoot since we didn't have traditional graduation ceremonies to document our achievement! … Our parents and our husbands ended up joining so Julia had to herd 7 adults along for 2 hours on a hot Boston morning. She could not have handled it in a more professional way! She immediately learned all of our names and communicated her plans very early to keep us in the shade as much as possible (which was very appreciated!) and clarified our expectations since we had a lot of group combinations with the 7 of us … She could probably tell that we weren't "photo-shoot" people so she was great about posing us naturally and adjusting our hair or clothes, making sure the sun wasn't shining in our faces and giving us fun superlatives (like "smile at the person who took the longest to get ready this morning") to get great candid laughing pictures of our family and keeping everyone engaged! 

… She patiently customized the photos to what each sister wanted- Boston skyline, nature, walking, sitting, LinkedIn head-shot, candid laughing you name it and Julia was ready for it! We even popped champagne bottles and she was directly in the line of fire of bubbly champagne. She stuck her ground to get amazing shots and laughed it off as she stood up covered in champagne … We all left our session thinking WOW Julia really made this such a fun morning for us as a whole group. Not only will we have great pictures to look back on, but we have the memory of how fun that morning was ( our husbands came into the morning with a less-than-thrilled attitude to participate but Julia somehow kept everyone very engaged and happy!) Within 36 hours of the shoot, I had 8 sneak peak pictures to give us all a taste of how the shoot went and I shared them below. Overall, I'm sure we were NOT an easy group but Julia maintained a sweet, patient and professional attitude the entire time. I don't write reviews often, but Julia was above and beyond my expectations and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer :)

- Colleen

Julia Monaco Photography, creative photographer, Catholic wedding photographer, Boston wedding photographer, Northern California wedding photographer

"Let me tell you... JULIA IS A GODSEND. I hired her as the photographer for my wedding this Spring of 2020 (yes, COVID season) to which madness of decreasing our party size from 150 to 90 happened and California decided to dump rain for 3 days straight after not raining for a month (why not, at this point!?). The last thing I wanted to think about was photography and where to take our photos. We had made a tentative plan a month or so in advance, but all of that was thrown out the window three days before and she was willing to recreate an entire schedule for us. She came up with THREE plans for my wedding day in case it was (1) not raining, (2) raining off and on, and (3) dumping rain. THREE PLANS. She spent hours on the phone to find potential places in the Bay Area to take first look photos inside or in covered spaces outside. By 9pm the night before our wedding, she had a plan and I did not have to take a single thought out of my day for it. The day of, she and her team were so smooth and I did not think of a single thing. They directed us to each step and had already talked with my coordinator to make sure they had aligned their plans. The sweetest moments of our day were captured because of how much she cared for the details and communicated so well throughout our entire weekend. She definitely puts in overtime for what you want and the photos themselves are AMAZING. I want to print 50 books worth of them and hand them out, they are seriously that good. I am so thankful for her tactful mindset and commitment to making my wedding day as beautiful as it could be even through the COVID-19 madness. Hire her, people, she gets all the shots you want and isn't afraid to tell Uncle Joey he needs to get his butt over here to take a good photo with the bride and groom. She is the best out there in my opinion!"


- Cole and Mikayla 

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