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boston & northern california wedding & portrait photographer


"Not only did Julia take the MOST beautiful photos of our wedding day, but she worked with such patience, confidence, and kindness. She made me and my husband feel totally relaxed and confident in her abilities. Julia has such wonderful talent and skill. She was able to capture such a wide range of moments, from the stillness and expectations before the ceremony to sweet moments of us dancing and partying throughout the night with our family and friends. Julia far surpassed our expectations. She was so flexible and accommodating when our venue changed a week before our wedding! If you want a reliable and kind photographer who will give you the most gorgeous photos, hire Julia!"

- Sean & Madeline


Hey there! I'm Julia.

I'm a born-and-raised California girl who fell in love with the east coast. Currently, I live in Boston, but I'm lucky to call both coasts home. I love exploring the great California outdoors, old New England towns, and my favorite time of the day is the moment right before sunrise.

I've been a distance runner for many years, and there's a point in every run where it just "clicks" and I ease into a rhythm - both with myself and my surroundings, and I feel completely at ease, completely comfortable, and completely joyful, no matter what else is happening in my life. Really, it's a moment of realizing how dang thankful I am to be where I am. I've found I have the same experience when photographing people: I have a moment, every single family session, wedding, and everything in between, when it just hits me: it is such. a. privilege. to be here. I'm usually caught off guard (often in the wings of a wedding reception) and I realize, "what a GIFT it is to be here."

This isn't something I take for granted and I'm not a photographer 'just because'. I hold close that feeling, and I want the images I capture to also reflect that sentiment. When the excitement and flurry of the moment has faded, I hope that you can look back at your images, remember that rush of gratitude, and think, "dang. This is good."


new on the blog:

"Julia allowed us to be completely present on our wedding day. She has a remarkable way of staying organized, giving instruction, and moving things along. It felt like we were floating on our wedding day. The feeling that you feel on your wedding day is truly remarkable and you want it to last forever. 

Somehow, like lightning in a bottle, Julia's photos captured that feeling for us."

- Justin & Katie