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Angela & Andrew's Wedding | An Intimate Hometown Celebration

Angela & Andrew's rainy Acoaxet wedding on Massachusetts' southeast shore was one of my favorite weddings of the year. Topping out at just over 70 guests, it was the smallest & most intimate wedding I was able to attend this year, and heartfelt through and through. Despite windy rain and cold temperatures, I remember feeling warm all day, the kind of warm you get when you're in a cozy room with all your favorite people - and I wouldn't be surprised if their guests felt the same.

One of my favorite parts of any wedding day is the toasts. It's the time when we all learn a little more about the couple at the center of the day - childhood stories, infamous how-they-met stories, and anecdotes that reveal the essence of who they are. Angela & Andrew had asked a half dozen or so friends & family members from all different seasons of their lives to stand up and speak, painting a raw, beautiful, and colorful picture of two individuals becoming one. The toasts given were edifying in a way that was uplifting and honest and raw; they revealed the depths of two incredibly loving and gracious hearts and the witness their love had been to the community around them. Standing on the sidelines, trying to capture the quick reactions and wide smiles, I felt so honored to be standing there - in the warm enclave of a lighted tent on the coast of Westport.

Venue: Acoaxet Club

Wedding Coordinator: Sally Huntington

Rings: Bario Neal

Hair and Makeup artist: Katelyn Webb

Bride’s dress: WToo by Watters, from Lovely Bride in Philadelphia

Groom’s suit: The Black Tux

Catering company: Smoke & Pickles

Florist: Weatherlow Florals

Baker/Cake: Ellie’s (Providence)

Cellist: Alan Toda-Ambaras

DJ: Frank Baptista

Furniture/tent rentals: Peak Rentals, Sperry Tents


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