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Elinor & Claude's July Wedding | St Paul Parish in Cambridge

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

This one was a really special one. :)

On the hottest day in July, Claude & Elinor began their new life together with a beautiful Mass at St Paul's Parish in Cambridge, and kicked off the fun with a beautiful and family-friendly reception out in Sudbury. We all had a blast, but I've don't think I've seen these two smile more!

My husband and I are Claude's (loud, overwhelming, and Italian) upstairs neighbors, which means that we've had the privilege of sharing a lot of life with Claude & Elinor over the last few years - meals, movies, sung liturgies, homemade bread, and late-night drinks. Finally celebrating their marriage - and having the honor of photographing the wedding! - felt like celebrating our own family.

Cheers, Claude & Elinor!


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