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Leerang & Grace - Charles River Engagement Session

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

I knew Grace & Leerang were my kind of couple when we all rolled up to the waterfront on our bikes, 6:45am on a Thursday morning before all running off to work in different corners of Cambridge, and Grace commented, "Gosh, it's so beautiful! We should do this every day!" (there are a few rules I live by, and one of them is "the early wakeup is always worth it!")

I had arrived a few minutes early and sat on the dock, watching the crew shells fly by in the dusky morning chill and hearing the coxswains' cries echo across the water. I really love the Charles River - it's such a lifeblood of the city, and so I'd been looking for an opportunity to incorporate it into a portrait session while there were still fringes of fall colors.

It didn't take much to convince Grace & Leerang to photograph down by the river! Cambridge-ites themselves, they're planning for their wedding at St Mary's of the Annunciation and a reception at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center next fall. I guess it was only right that we took their engagement portraits in Cambridge too. and hey, I'm not complaining!


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