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Old North Bridge surprise proposal

'tis the season! last Saturday morning found me crouched behind a tree in some shrubbery, telephoto lens in hand, constantly refreshing my 'find my friends' app as I waited for the little blue dot that was Matt and Alex to arrive at the Old North Bridge. Yep. It's proposal season!

Matt and Alex are fellow Californians-in-Cambridge (we really should start a club) and love the Revolutionary-era history of the Old North Bridge. They often bike through the park on their tandem bike, but this morning they strolled through on foot, pausing before the bridge as Matt dropped down on one knee.

I really love the rawness of the few minutes after a proposal, and will often hang back in my hiding spot for another five or ten minutes, giving the couple space to be caught up in laughter and tears, reveling in the serendipity of what's just happened. Passersby stroll on with no clue that two people's lives have just been changed forever.


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