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  • Julia Monaco

Anthony & Courtney - Plum Island Beach Wedding

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

If I could describe this (dreamy, elegant, relaxed) Plum Island beach wedding in two words, it would be "family-centric" (or is that one word?). Everything about Anthony & Courtney's special day centered around their families; from their invitations announcing a day of 'love and family', to Anthony's grandfather officiating their ceremony, the day was peppered with joyful Brady-bunch sized family photos and toasts of homemade limoncello - a family recipe.

Courtney got ready with her sisters and mother in the purple beach house loft, overlooking the ocean. Anthony rolled up in a vintage Land Rover for their first look on the beach, one of my favorite moments of the day (spoiler alert: at least one person cried!)

The entire day unfolded like a dream under a cloudless late summer sky. The ceremony, in front of the ocean, was everything you'd want a ceremony to be and more. You felt special to be there, part of something bigger, and excited about the future. After being pronounced man & wife, the newlyweds took twenty minutes for photos alone, and to bask in the joy of being married!


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