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Sunrise Harvard Law School graduation session

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Noni and I met in Harvard Yard just after sunrise on beautiful May morning to capture some shots to commemorate her Harvard Law School graduation. The campus was quiet - a rarity - and elegant, timeless, and serene. We started on the steps of Widener Library, a classic Harvard landmark, which seemed a fitting match for her regalia. We spent the next hour and a half wandering across the campus, capturing a range of portraits in her regalia, in an elegant Crimson-red dress, and a classic Harvard sweatshirt & jeans pairing. Over the morning, the campus slowly filled up with tourists & students hurrying about, making the early morning hour of calm all the more special!

Noni is the epitome of beauty & grace. She had reached out to me several months in advance to schedule her session. Due to a year of remote schooling, she hadn't spent any of the previous year in Boston, but she and her sister flew back for a weekend of festivities, including a photo session!

These photos are an example of why I prefer to schedule sunrise sessions for any location in the heart of Boston or Cambridge - you'd never get the steps of Widener all to yourself at any other time of day!

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