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Charles River Tandem Bike Engagement Session

This engagement session may go down as one of my all-time favorites. Golden hour on the Charles, a little white dress, a stolen boat, and a literal third wheel.

It's a joke among photographers that we're professional third wheels (and it's honestly so fun!) but following Matt & Alex's purple tandem bike down the esplanade on my own bike... yep, that's the ultimate, literal, third wheel move.

As a photographer, there are a few things which make this session work. First, we held out for good weather - waited for a quiet Sunday evening without much street traffic, and timed our session for golden hour - the one hour before sunset that sheds lingering, warm light on everything. Second, we centered our session around a place & activity that Matt and Alex love and feel at home with. And third, most importantly, we just had fun with it. Think of your engagement session not as a stiff, unusual event, but as a date night, running or biking around your city with your love. And a professional third wheel.


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